Name change: "IMI Certified" for highly-experienced professionals remains the same; "IMI Accredited" for those who have completed initial training only becomes "IMI Qualified". Blog post here.

Global Pound

From 2016-2017, IMI launched the Global Pound Conference (GPC). The GPC was a not-for-profit series of conferences around the world, taking place in 40 cities across 31 countries. It began in Singapore and finished in London, bringing together numerous dispute resolution stakeholders. The GPC provoked debates on dispute resolution tools and techniques, stimulated new ideas, and generated actionable data on what corporate and individual dispute resolution users actually need and want, both locally and globally.

Now that the GPC Series has finished, we wish to continue the conversation about what can be done to improve access to justice and the quality of justice around the world in civil and commercial conflicts. Hence, the Global Pound Conversation was born.

Be a part of the ongoing Global Pound Conversation and help shape the future of dispute resolution.