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GPC Series Data and Reports

The following data sets and reports are the result of the 2016-2017 GPC Series, which engaged various stakeholders involved in commercial dispute resolution: parties, their advisors, service providers (courts, judges, arbitrators, conciliators, mediators, etc.), and other influencers (academics, government ministries, think tanks, etc.) to detect what gaps—if any—exist between what users want and what is available to them, how to shape the future of commercial dispute resolution, and how to improve access to justice at local and international levels.

Core Questions

The Core Questions were developed after a lengthy consultation process involving 6 prior drafts, a global survey (click here to view the anonymous results​), and a public consultation period. We thank everyone for their contributions in forming these questions.

The Core Questions​

​​​Each 2016-2017 GPC event used a technology platform that enabled all participants to vote on a set of standardised core questions. These questions enabled all stakeholders to share their views on the future of dispute resolution, what tools are required, and how to modernise the dispute resolution landscape. The questions were intended to explore the needs and wishes of users and what access to ​justice means​ to them.

  1. Access to Justice & Dispute Resolution Systems: what do users want, need & expect?
  2. How is the market currently addressing parties' wants,​ needs and expectations?
  3. How can dispute resolution be improved? (Overcoming obstacles and challenges)
  4. Promoting better access to justice: What action items should be considered and by whom?
Online Voting
Voting on GPC questions was closed on August 31, 2017Over 2,500 participants spent approximately 20-30 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Please Note the number of exact votes per question varied.

The Results

The data collected in response to the core questions became available online as each event occurred. For the local voting results, please see below.
GPC Reporting

The GPC North America report using the GPC Series data will be issued in 2019 by Resolution Resources, with the support of a grant received from the American Arbitration Association.

You can now download the Preliminary GPC Report by Herbert Smith FreehillsGlobal Pound Conference: Global Data Trends and Regional Differences, below.

GPC Series Data

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GPC Series Core Questions Core Questions used for the 2016-2017 GPC Series. First published March 6 2016.846.42 KB DownloadPreview