Name change: "IMI Certified" for highly-experienced professionals remains the same; "IMI Accredited" for those who have completed initial training only becomes "IMI Qualified". Blog post here.


In this section, you will find some background information about mediation and when it is used. Please navigate using the menu at the top or in the side-bar.

New to Mediation?

One of the best official definitions of mediation is in the US Uniform Mediation Act:

“Mediation means any process in which a mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between parties to assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement…”

Mediation is often referred to as part of “ADR” – alternative dispute resolution.

To find out more about mediation, click on the following explanatory links to some leading non-profit bodies:


Deciding to Mediate

Mediation is flexible and adaptable. The following links help to understand how and why it works and assist you in making a decision to mediate and finding the right mediator.