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Mandatory Mediation

The issue of mandatory mediation – where parties are required by civil procedure rules to take part in a mediation before having their cases heard in court – has given rise to heated debate.  Here we present some informative and balanced materials on the subject.

  • Mandatory Mediation: an Oxymoron?: Examining the Feasability of Implementing a Court-Mandated Mediation Program
    Article by Singapore District Judge Dorcas Quek (2010) in the Cardoza Journal of Conflict Resolution http://cojcr.org/vol11no2/479-510.pdf
  • Introducing a “Presumption of ADR” for Civil Matters in the Subordinate Courts
    Article by Singapore District Judges Dorcas Quek and Joyce Low (2012) on the website of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore http://app.subcourts.gov.sg/Data/Files/File/cdr/Feature%201_Draft%207.pdf
  • Mandatory Counselling and Mediation
    The Child Focused Resolution Centre (CFRC)
    Article by District Judge Kevin Ng, Family Court, Singapore.