Mandatory Mediation

The issue of mandatory mediation – where parties are required by civil procedure rules to take part in a mediation before having their cases heard in court – has given rise to heated debate.  Here we present some informative and balanced materials on the subject.

  • Mandatory Mediation: an Oxymoron?: Examining the Feasability of Implementing a Court-Mandated Mediation Program
    Article by Singapore District Judge Dorcas Quek (2010) in the Cardoza Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Introducing a “Presumption of ADR” for Civil Matters in the Subordinate Courts
    Article by Singapore District Judges Dorcas Quek and Joyce Low (2012) on the website of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore
  • Mandatory Counselling and Mediation
    The Child Focused Resolution Centre (CFRC)
    Article by District Judge Kevin Ng, Family Court, Singapore.