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We cannot live only for ourselves.
A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men;
and among those fibres, as sympathetic threads,
our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.

– Herman Melville (1819-1891) – Author of Moby-Dick

blog (weblog) is an online journal, regularly updated with news, ideas, comments, opinions and happenings.  Blogs can inform, raise issues and stimulate debate.  They connect people and subjects locally and worldwide.  Not all blogs interest everyone, but there is a useful blog out there for almost everyone.

There are several hundred mediation-focused blogs.  One of the most visited blogs is carried by Many are listed in Diane Levin’s World Directory of ADR Blogs  which features dispute resolution and negotiation blogs by category and by country and many of its most respected and best known blogs in the ADR blogosphere and beyond are featured here. Welcome to Mediation Bloggers Community!

Mediator Select

THIS WEEK IN MEDIATION (By Mediator Academy)

Global     Weekly News Show presented by Aled Davies & Nadja Alexander.
Informative, illuminating and outrageous stories from the world of mediation.

CMP Resolution Blog

UK          Blogs about investigation matters, mediation matters and conflict management.


US             Linking Dispute Resolution Scholarship, Education, and Practice.

Alternative Resolutions LLC (by Ellen Kandell)

UK            Turning Conflict into Consensus

UK Mediation

UK            Information and insights on psychotherapy and mediation theory, practice and current events.


India        A platform to share experiences, initiatives, knowledge and updates about mediation and ADR.

ADR Blog

India       Official Blog of IIADRA.

Core Solutions Blog (By John Sturrock)

UK (Scotland) Thoughts on mediation, negotiation, conflict management, leadership and communication.

Mediators Mailbox

UK         Live Updates for the Professional Mediator on the Go Blog

Bridging theory and best practices in mediation, conflict coaching, arbitration and online dispute resolution.

Mediation Musings (by Margaret Halsmith)

Australia    Margaret Halsmith’s thoughts about mediation after almost twenty years’ practice in Australia

Mediation Musings (By Jonathan Rodriques)

CEDR Says…

UK         Insights on Mediation, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

The RPM Project (by Karen Hollett)

Canada – The Reasonable Person Model (RPM): An Exploration of Human Nature and How Our Environments Can Bring Out the Best in People.

Guided Choice Dispute Resolution System (by Paul M. Lurie)

US       The Alternative for Commercial Mediation and Arbitration

Mediator Academy (by Aled Davies)

UK      Learn from Experienced Mediators. Sharpen your mind, your skills and build your mediation practise.

Mediation Trade Secrets (by Expedite Resolution)

UK    “This series of posts has mediation hints and tips to help you get the best results for your clients.”

Kluwer Mediation Blog

“Kluwer Mediation Blog (KMB) is a publication of Kluwer Law International providing information, news and updates on mediation around the globe. We have gathered together leading international experts to report on the latest developments. The result is a fresh, high-quality, and timely examination of the world of international mediation”.

Kluwer Mediation Blog – by Young Mediators

Members of the Young Mediators Initiative (YMI) contribute to the Kluwer Mediation Blog.

MediAsian (by Ian Macduff)

Asia    Explorations on mediation and dispute resolution in Asia.

The Corporate Peacemaker (by Jane Gunn)

UK    Peacemaking is not something that we should do to or impose on others, it is the responsibility of us all to live its message”.

The Blog for Building Dialogue (by Sarah J. Read and Dave Overfelt)

US    “Helping you connect with and understand dialogue resources”.


NL       GenerationWhy is a platform and research-centre for young mediators aiming to make mediation more accessible and effective for a larger audience by working with mediation-organisations, organizing events and maintaining a lively and inspirational blog and social-media community.

m3 by Geoff Sharp

NZ         providing “commentary and insights on mediation”.   

Lee Jay Berman’s EYE ON CONFLICT: Views from the world of mediation

US        Eye On Conflict “views breaking news, current events, politics and celebrity trauma and offers insights about how reported conflict could be resolved with the help of a trained mediator”.

The Mediation Times (by Amanda Bucklow)

UK         Expanding the use of mediation in business.

Settle It Now (by Victoria Pynchon)  (Archived)

US       This negotiation blog covers distributive and integrative negotiation techniques, interspersed with short articles about the social psychology of conflict, mediation and mindfulness in commercial mediation and litigation.

Brains On Purpose (by Stephanie West Allen)

US   At the crossroads of neuroscience and conflict resolution, this blog is published by mediator Stephanie West Allen, JD, in collaboration with Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD.

ICT for Peacebuilding (by Sanjana Hattotuwa) 

Sri Lanka      Published by a leading-edge thinker and influential proponent of dispute resolution, this blog explores the use of technology for conflict transformation.

Medierea (by Zeno Daniel Sustac)

Romania            This Romanian weblog and online discussion forum provides news and information about the benefits of mediation as an effective alternative to resolving disputes.

Arabulucu Blog (by Samil Demir) 

Turkey    The only blog about mediation and negotiation in Turkey, published by a mediator based in Ankara.             

Civil Mediation and Negotiation (by Nancy Hudgins)

US    This blog aims to put the “civil” back into civil litigation and will also discuss research from social science, psychology, and neuroscience on negotiation and mediation.

Conflict Zen (by Tammy Lenski)

US     The art of untangling disagreements.

Enjoy Mediation  (by Jeff Thompson)

US   Mediation & ADR tips and news shared by Jeff who practices, promotes, teaches and trains mediation and negotiation for the New York City Police Department. Please note that the blog is not an official NYPD site.

Business Conflict Blog  (by  F. Peter Phillips)

US    This blog  features posts on a variety of subjects of interest to practitioners and theorists of commercial conflict management and dispute resolution.

Disputing – Conversations about Dispute Resolution (by Victoria VanBuren and Holly Hayes Bovio)

US     This blog discusses various posts, articles and interviews on the topic of dispute resolution.