Name change: "IMI Certified" for highly-experienced professionals remains the same; "IMI Accredited" for those who have completed initial training only becomes "IMI Qualified". Blog post here.


If you are an individual seeking training, please see the ‘Individuals’ menu to learn about becoming IMI Accredited and to find a program; if you are an organisation that wishes to have its training recognised as meeting IMI’s independent international standards, please see the ‘Organisations’ menu.

In this section, you can find the training standards established by IMI’s Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force. Included are:

Seeking training

IMI does not provide mediator training.  To find training, you should contact your closest IMI Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP).  You may also wish to seek the advice of your local Qualifying Assessment Program.  See also “Become IMI Accredited“.

Training accreditation

Applications to become a Certified Mediator Training Program opened on January 1 2019. For further information, please see ‘Register a CMTP‘.