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By registering with YMI, you can develop your own Young Mediator or Young Mediation Advocate profile on the IMI website. Your completed profile will be searchable by other YMI members, and by logged-in experienced mentors who may have opportunities for assistantships or mentorships. You will only be able to log in after your application has been approved.

Fields with a * must be completed prior to submitting the form.  Once you submit, your application will be reviewed.  Once it is approved, you will be able to login and update your profile further.  This means that you do not need to fill in all of the below at this time, though the more information you provide, the more likely it is that your application will be approved.

Ensure that you indicate the number of hours of your completed mediation training.  

Please ensure any web addresses include the http:// part of the address.  Contact [email protected] should you have any queries.

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Contact Details
Brief description of your motivation to become a mediator/mediation advocate. This will help potential Mentors to find a suitable assistant.
Indicate whether you have had a mediation mentor.
Fax number
Make sure your website is in the correct format, including the http://
Mediation Profile
Describe your practical experience in mediation, if any, or state that you have not yet had any post-training experience as a mediator. Include a general description of any pro bono assignments as a mediator. (Take care to avoid disclosing any confidential information!)
Give a brief description of your preferred mediation style, ie. Facilitative, evaluative, transformative, or a combination of styles.
Indicate any mediation training accreditations or certifications that you have received.
Name at least two referees who would be willing to vouch for your character, professional background and willingness to gain experience.
Indicate if you adhere to a Code of Contact for Mediators and, if so, which one. You are free to adopt the IMI Code of Professional Conduct (www.imimediation.org/imi-code-of-professional-conduct).
Please insert the name of your Professional Liability Indemnity Insurance covering your professional activity (including as a mediator), if any, and the maximum limit of that insurance. If you do not have any Professional Indemnity Insurance that would cover you as a mediator, indicate whether you would be willing to take such cover in the event of acting as a mediator.
Training and Education
Indicate whether you have completed your mediation training, or whether it is in the process of being completed. Indicate the training provider, location and a link to detailed information on your mediation training.
If you have any publications, such as articles, please indicate the title and name of the publication with a link to it, if possible.