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ICC Mediation Competition 2017: in conversation with the finalists
Bill Marsh and Anna Howard (2017)

5 business lessons from the Camino de Santiago
Marco Imperiale (2016)

Mediation: A New Tool for Dealing with Conflicts in Youth Work 
– Project Report by Virginia Vilches Such (YMI Member) and Meg Villanueva (2016)

these are some of the words that participants of the project “Mediation: A New Tool for Dealing with Conflicts in Youth Work,” shared when we asked them to define their experience during that week.

A Tale of Two Cities – Wien & Paris

CDRC Vienna: How Negotiation Competitions Benefit Students
Ivo Bari (2016)

CDRC Vienna: Consensual Dispute Resolution
Stephanie Rohmann, Nataliya Barysheva (2016)

CDRC Vienna: How to Negotiate Your Way to the Top
Omar Karam (2016)

Mediation – the new “international arbitration” for our generation?
Anna-Maria Tamminen (2016)

Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Mediation
Vance Cooper (2016)

How to Become a Successful Mediator
Bennett Picker (2015)
Keynote Address at FIMC-IMI Conference, Florence, 2015

Learning from beginners: what new mediators can teach us
By Charlie Irvine

A Mediator’s Journey – Reflections on Age
By Joel Lee

Mediation – the new “international arbitration” for our generation?
By Anna-Maria Tamminen

A Survival Strategy for the First Time in the Mediation Room
By Sabine Walsh

Nurturing the Peacebuilders and Conflict Resolvers of Tomorrow
David Smith (May 2016)

Key Habits of Top Mediators
International Chamber of Commerce, Paris

When Restorative Justice in Schools Works
The Atlantic (Dec 29 2015)

Mooters Speaking ; In Conversation with the Winners of Young International Mediation Competition
Nikita Hora (September 2015)

Becoming a Mediator
Paul Merlyn

How to Become a Mediator – in 11 steps!

Engaging Conflict for Fun and Profit: Current and Emerging Career Trends in Conflict Resolution
Robert J. Rhudy (2014)

10 Tips for Teams at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition 2014
Geoff Sharp (2014)

Our view: Adults could learn plenty from student mediators
Postbulletin.com (2014)

ADR 2.0
Erin Gleason (2013)

Practical Tips for Mediators
Charlie Irvine (2013)

Kids Doing it for Themselves: Mediation and Bully Prevention
Sabine Walsh (2013)

Few Words to the Newcomers
Andrea Maia (2012)

Young Mediators
William (Rob) Keller (2012)

Where do all the Mediators go?
Nadja Alexander (2012)

Where Do We Belong? New Mediators And Our Role In Current Mediation Practice
Garrett Parks (May, 2010)

So, You Want to be a Mediator?
James Melamed (August 2003)

The Zen of Mentoring – Taking the Less Travelled Path to Success
Mariam Zadeh (posted by Jeffrey Krivis) (September 2012)

2020 Vision – Where in the World will Mediation be in Ten Years?
Michael Leathes (November 2010)

Mediation Career Guide: A Strategic Approach to Building a Successful Practice
Forrest Mosten (2001)

Making Mediation Your Day Job
Tammy Lenski (2009)

Youths told: Mediation a Necessary Life Skill
Kalifa Clyne (2011)

Rochester Students learn to settle conflicts amoung peers
Danielle Curtis (2011)

Mediation Skills Development Around the World – with Skype. It works.
Guiseppe Leone (2012)

Teaching Conflict Management Courses: Part 1
Teaching Conflict Management Courses: Part 2
John Wade (2011)

Mediation In Italy
Mediation in Italy (Part 2)
Alessandro Bruni (2011)

A new Generation of Mediators
Charlie Irvine (2012)

ICC Mediation Competition Final – a personal account
Geoff Sharp (2012)

212 Qualities of a Good Mediator
Constantin-Adi Gavrila (2012)

Getting Past, “How Experienced Are You?” as a New Neutral
Zach Ulrich (2012)

Best Graduate Schools – Dispute Resolution Programs
(Ranked in 2012)

Peace conference leads to start of public-school peer mediation group
Miami Herald (April, 2015)

For articles on Mediation in schools, see http://www.mediate.com/Youth/

For articles on Mediation Training, see http://www.mediate.com/training/
For a list of Career Resources for Mediators, compiled by the Mediation Training Institute, see http://www.mediationworks.com/medcert3/careers.htm


Success as a Mediator (for Dummies)
Victoria Pynchon, Joe Kraynak (Publication date: April 2012)

The New Lawyer: How Settlement is Transforming the Practise of Law
Julie Macfarlane (2008)

Handreikingen voor de scheidingsbemiddelaar (a book for family mediators)
(In Dutch)
Jocelyn Weimar and Francine ten Hoedt
The book shows how a family-mediator can assistance divorce situations and to set up child’s visiting with lots of practice tips, checklists, forms  and reports. Can be ordered via SDU or NMI. 

Oefen & casusboek (practice & case study book for the mediator)
(In Dutch)
Jocelyn Weimar and Francine ten Hoedt
Contains 32 cases on which the mediator can practise. A handy book for intervision groups to practies and stimulate one’s mediation skills.
can be ordered via SDU or NMI.



Humour  a serious matter in mediation



Starting Out in Mediation (Interview with mediator Eve Pienaar)
By Aled Davies

The Mediator
Phillips Pictures (2015)

How do you kick start a career in mediation and hold down a job at the same time? – Eve Pienaar did, and here’s how. (Interview by Aled Davies).
To watch this interview, click here

What does it really take to make it as a Mediator? Interview with David Richbell

Take a Look at a Cool School
Cools School Peer Mediation Program (New Zealand)




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Publications by YMI Members

YMI Members’ contributions to the Kluwer Mediation Blog

From Emotional Intelligence to Emotional Competence – A key issue for professional development for Young Mediators
By Virginia Vilches Such (May 2015)

Not All Mediation Educational Programs Are Worth the Time or Money
By Zachary Ulrich (June 2015)

A Perspective On Mediation In The Middle East
By Rachelle Abi Lahoud (July 2015)

You are not Alone: Role of Counsels in Mediation
Florencia Gallardo (August 2015)

Consumer Disputes, a New Market for (Young) French Mediators?
By Anne Mahaut Caudrillier (September 2015)

Why Tap Water May Be Mediation’s Biggest Competitor
By Marcus Lim (October 2015)

Can I Have Something To Say?
By Cezary Rogula (November 2015)

Civil Justice, 1906 – 2016. Time for an update?
By Callum Murray (December 2015)

Confidentiality in Mediation: An Indian Perspective
Shraddha Bhosale (January 2016)

Help Shape the Next Generation of Mediators!
By Angela Herberholz (February 2016)


Other publications by YMI Members

Research at the Service of Decision Makers
Designing Mediation System Supported by Science
By Virginia Vilches Such (2017)

The UNCITRAL Convention on Enforceability of Settlement Agreements Resulting from International Commercial Mediation
By Gracious Timothy (2015)

10 Tips for MEDIATORS participating in CDRC Vienna 2015!
By Gracious Timothy (2015)

10 Tips for Teams Participating in CDRC Vienna 2015!
By Gracious Timothy (2015)

Mediation as a “dispute avoidance method” rather than just being an “alternative dispute resolution” method!
By Gracious Timothy (2015)

The UNCITRAL Convention on Enforceability of Settlement Agreements Resulting from International Commercial Mediation
By Gracious Timothy (2015)

Sulh – A Paradigm For Peace

Breaking into the Peacebuilding Field
Alex Azarov (2014)

Mediation Conducted in DR Congo in 2009
Julien Kalimira Mzee Murhula

Changing of the Tides
William (Rob) Keller (2012)

Young Mediators
William (Rob) Keller (2012)

YMI Mediator Zachary Ulrich is the author of several articles on mediation. These can be found at: http://www.adrtimes.com/articles/author/zacharyulrich

Hedge Funds and Mediation
Tom Ng Ka Cheung, Calvin Ng and Josephine Chung (2010)

YMI Mediator Lukasz Laniecki is the author of the Blog Pozasądowe Rozwiązywanie Sporówhttp://pozasadowerozwiazywaniesporow.blogspot.com/

Where Do We Belong? New Mediators And Our Role In Current Mediation Practice
Garrett Parks (May, 2010)

Research at the Service of Decision Makers
Designing Mediation System Supported by Science
Virginia Vilches Such