Become a Qualifying Assessment Program

The process of becoming IMI Certified has now moved from the Expertise Qualification Path (EQP) to Certification by Assessment.  This development reflects extensive consultations with many stakeholders in the field worldwide.  This consultation will continue and embrace all Qualifying Institutions for IMI Certification (for IMI Certified Mediator, IMI Certified Mediator (with Inter-Cultural Competency) and IMI Certified Mediation Advocate/Advisor Certifications).

IMI Certification is now available only to experienced mediators and mediation advocates/advisors who are qualified through an Assessment Program approved by the Independent Standards Commission (ISC).

IMI does not offer any mediation services or training programs to the market – its role is to establish standards, benchmarks and criteria for IMI Certification.  The task of qualifying experienced mediators and mediation advocates/advisors for IMI Certification is performed by providers, trainers, educational bodies and professional organizations implementing a program approved by the ISC.

Organizations may now submit details of their Assessment Programs to the ISC for review.  ISC approval will be based on the Criteria for Assessment Programs Qualifying Mediators to be IMI Certified, IMI Certified (with Inter-Cultural Competency) or IMI Certified Mediation Advocates/Advisors.

You might find it helpful to use the Annotated Bibliography on Assessing Mediators while preparing your application for mediator certification.

Applications to become a Qualifying Assessment Program may now be completed online.

Click here to read the Criteria for Assessment Programs Qualifying:

– Mediators to be IMI Certified
– Mediators to be IMI Certified (with Inter-Cultural Competency)
– Mediation Advocates/Advisors to be IMI Certified

Click here to download the Guidelines for preparing QAP Applications (for Mediator Certification).

Click here to read the Annotated Bibliography (for Mediator Certification).

Click here to download the Guidelines for preparing MA-QAP Applications (for Mediation Advocate/Advisor Certification).

Click here to view the list of all IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs)

Please contact Irena Vanenkova, Secretary to the IMI Independent Standards Commission if you have any questions about the application process or need any help.